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Horizontal Blinds Installation Instructions

  Before You Get Started
Mounting Method
Installing the Mounting Brackets
Installing the Blind
Operating the Blind

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Before You get Started
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Do not use any sharp cutting tools when removing your new blind from the packaging to ensure you do not accidentally damage the blind or cut the ladders of the blind. After you unpack your new blind, check the packaging carefully to make sure you have removed all the parts. Do not discard the packaging until your new blind has been installed and you have checked that it is operating properly.

Required Tools

  • Steel Tape Measure
  • Drill with screwdriver bits or
  • Flat-head and Phillips screwdriver
  • 1/16” or 3/32” drill bit
  • Pencil
  • Level (optional)
  • Ladder (if needed)

Gather the following items to install your blind:
  • All tools listed previously
  • Two brackets labeled left (LH) and right (RH)
  • Center support brackets (if included)
  • Valance clips
  • Screws (may not be included and may have to be purchased separately)

Mounting Method
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Your blind was manufactured to be installed either as an inside mount or an outside mount. Follow the instructions for the type of mount you specified when you ordered your blind.

Inside Mount
Mounting brackets are labeled RH or LH. Open one of the mounting brackets and place it on the proper side of the window. The opened side should face towards the inside of the room. To mount your blind flush with the wall, you will need to secure the bracket about 1/2” from the front edge of the window.

Outside Mount
Hold the blind level centering above the window on the wall where you want it to be mounted. Mark the wall with a pencil just below the headrail at each end and 1/8” beyond the ends of the headrail. The right and left mounting brackets will be placed on these marks. Mounting brackets are labeled RH or LH. Open one of the mounting brackets and placing it on the proper side, line it up with your pencil marks. The opened side should face towards the inside of the room.

Projection Brackets
If projection (or extension) brackets were ordered and need to be used to clear the window casing, first mount them to the wall using the supplied screws. Then attach the mounting and center support brackets to the projection brackets using two machine screws and nuts per bracket.

Installing the Mounting Brackets
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  • Mark the two diagonal holes of each bracket with a pencil. Make sure the brackets are level with each other. It is important that the blind is mounted level to ensure it operates smoothly.
  • Drill a hole on each of the marks using the recommended drill bit (1/16” for drywall or wood and 3/32” for metal).
  • Place each bracket on their correct side and secure with the provided screws.
  • If center support brackets were included, they should be secured next. The purpose of these brackets is to prevent the headrail from sagging on wider blinds. First, slide the headrail into the brackets already installed. Next, slide the center support bracket and position it midway on the headrail and mark the holes with a pencil. Make sure it does not interfere with the operation of the blind cord and ladders. Then take the headrail down and secure the center support bracket with the supplied screws.

Installing the Blind
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  • Unwind the cords from around the headrail carefully making sure they do not get tangled.
  • Position the valance clips on the headrail spaced evenly apart. Make sure they do not interfere with the blind mechanisms and cords.
  • Replace the headrail onto the mounting brackets and close the two outside brackets.
  • Insert the valance into the valance clips.

Operating the Blind
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  • Tilt — Turn wand or pull cord to tilt slats to desired angle
  • Raise / Lower — When raising or lowering the blind, the slats should be fully opened. To raise the blind, pull the lift cord straight down. To lower the blind, pull the lift cord toward the center of the blind and slowly raise your hand while holding on to the cord.
  • Lock — When the lift cord hangs straight down, the cord lock holds the blind in position.

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